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Motorola Moto 360 sports smart watch second generation (white)

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Motorola Moto 360 sports smart watch second generation (white)

Watch is an international version of the original system, mobile phones need Google framework and other system services.

Connect a Android mobile phone, please confirm the mobile phone has been installed with GOOGLE framework and GOOGLE PLAY, the existing GOOGLE account.

Functions of the second generation watch moto360: SMS push, dial-up call on watch, heart rate test, sports health data record, dial replacement, alarm clock weather query, etc.

The difference between Apple and Android: Apple mobile phone can’t directly respond to the prestige on the watch like Android. The dial and app don’t have Android and so on. Other functions are similar.

The moto 360 watch is a smart watch, which needs to be bound with the mobile phone. Without the binding, the mobile phone can only display the time, heart rate and step number. Please note when purchasing the moto 360 watch, the binding mobile phone needs to install the GOOGLE framework, etc.

Moto 3602 has updated Android Wear 2.0, added lightweight Doze mode, new UI and interaction logic, improved fluency, WIFI function, new input method, software application store, address book, and localized application.

New belt packaging

Product Key Features

Model Moto 360

Applicable Regions Dock

Case Material Stainless Steel

Manufacturer Band Color Black

Features Bluetooth Enabled, Accelerometer, Wireless Charging, Waterproof

Band Color white

Network simply

Series Motorola Moto 360

Case Size 42 mm

Compatible Operating System Android

Operating System Android Wear


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