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To Create An Enriching Online Shopping Experience For Your Satisfaction & Happiness


  • Make online shopping a simple, easy and fun experience
  • Create a vibrant marketplace facilitating online buying and selling
  • Exceed expectations through exceptional customer service and user experience
  • Leverage technology for constant innovation and improvement
  • Become the industry benchmark in all facets of ecommerce


At BTC Shop4u, we believe in ethical business practices and are cognizant of our responsibility towards our customers. We assure you that we never violate ethical boundaries even when it has an adverse effect on revenue or profits.

Our every action, interaction and engagement is dictated and determined by the following values that are fundamental to BtcShop4u.

TRUST – Confidentiality and privacy are pivotal to our work. Your details are safe with us.

INTEGRITY – What you see is what you get. We never misrepresent products, prices or services.

RELIABILITY – You can count on us. No matter what the situation, we deliver what we commit.

CONVENIENCE – You reap the rewards of our hard work. That’s why you pay us.

CREATIVITY – In technological usage, product pricing, deals, etc., to improve your experience

ABOUT Bitcoin Shop4u

Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience!

Bitcoin Shop4u is primed to become  biggest Bitcoin Online Shopping Store, offering a large range of products to its diverse consumer base. With thousands of products updated daily on the country’s preeminent home-grown e-commerce portal, BTC Shop4u is the go-to solution for biggest Bitcoin Online Shopping community.


Experience swift, hassle-free, reliable and secure online shopping with Bitcoin Shop4u intuitive and user-friendly website.

Our team, with their intrinsic understanding of the local consumerist mindset, have ensured that Bitcoin Shop4u loyal customers are constantly offered exciting opportunities and unique deals tailored to their preferences.

Find the best prices on your favorite gadgets, dresses, electronics, jewelry and lots more. Execute transactions with one-click and experience satisfaction like never before with our unmatched service. We envision a Pakistan where everything is available to everyone; where distance doesn’t determine need; where all your legitimate desires are fulfilled.


As Worldwide premium, home-grown online shopping mall, Bitcoin Shop4u mission is to create an extensive network of satisfied consumers across the length and breadth of Pakistan. We promise doorstep delivery across the country in the given time-frame.

For your convenience, we have multiple payment methods, including Bitcoin as well as credit/debit card, with all sensitive information encrypted and secured using multi-layered protocols.

At Bitcoin Shop4u, you are not only assured of getting the best quality products at the most competitive prices, eye-popping deals, unmatched reliability and security, but also the kind of customer service that aspires to change industry standards. For us, the customer is sacred! We leave no stone unturned to make sure that your online shopping experience is optimized!

Bitcoin Shop4u was officially launched towards the end of 2015,


A team of highly competent and dedicated individuals are responsible for ensuring that you continue to get high quality products and exceptional service. Being part of ATV, Bitcoin Shop4u also benefits from the cross-section expertise at its disposal.

Those working exclusively on Bitcoin Shop4u are:

James Kim
Chief Executive Officer

Bond fan

Senior Manager

Michael bold

Fund Manager

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